‘Renunciation of bad things will keep the brain young’

Regular physical activity, a passion for life, a healthy diet, and renunciation of bad things will keep the brain young and prevent dementia, according to a doctor.

Aging of the brain is a problem that affects not only the elderly but also the young, explained doctor Alexander Miasnikov to the Russian television channel Rossiya 1 because people live under constant stress without being able to react well to it and are too lazy for a proper lifestyle with enough physical activity.

One of the ways to slow the aging of the brain, according to him, is to preserve its social activity. It is, therefore, important to “keep a passion for life, be young, if only inwardly, be interested in everything, read a lot, think a lot,” he advises.

Being active

It is also advisable to have a balanced diet. Seafood is thus suitable for preventing dementia because it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Another useful method is regular muscle exercises, Miasnikov continues. “You have to be active, and your brain will work well,” he says. Physical activity contributes to brain activity and improves brain function.

In addition, it is essential to let go of bad things, he says. Thus, smoking causes atherosclerosis of the brain vessels, which leads to dementia.

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