Republican: “Jesus was treated more honestly than Trump during crucifixion”

Jesus was treated more reasonably just before his crucifixion than what is now happening with President Donald Trump. That is what the Republican representative Barry Loudermilk said during the debate in the House of Representatives about the impeachment process against Trump.

‘During that sham trial, Pontius granted Pilate more rights to Jesus than the Democrats granted this president in this trial,’ said Loudermilk. It was not the only notable comparison on the Republican side to defend Trump.

Mike Kelly compared the Democratic attempted impeachment with the attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War. Franklin Roosevelt, who was president at the time, said that that day will live on forever in shame. “Today, December 18, 2019, is another date that will live on in disgrace,” said Kelly.

Republican delegate Fred Keller quoted a statement from Jesus in the Bible book of Luke during his speaking time. “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing,” Keller said. The Republican addressed his quote to Democrats who intend to vote for the impeachment process.

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