Resign or stay? This is how you make the right choice

You are no longer happy in your current job, and you are thinking of looking for other places. But would you? Resigning or staying is always a hard decision. Because you give up a lot of certainties, but will something better take its place?

Due to the many working from home, many employees have started to doubt their job. Suddenly the colleagues and the atmosphere at work disappeared, and only the job content remained. And then the question inevitably arises: do I still like this?

Career coaches detect four factors that determine whether your job still suits you:

1. Job content

Does your job match your interests and competencies? Is the work not too tricky, so that you always feel like you have to walk on tiptoe, resulting in a lot of frustration? Or, on the other hand, isn’t it too easy and boredom strikes?

2. Autonomy

A boss who is constantly watching you can be very detrimental to well-being at work. However, too much freedom or too little control and feedback can also lead to uncertainty. Are you doing well enough?

3. Social contacts at work

Do you have great colleagues? Can you go to your boss with problems?

Do you have good contact with customers? Or is the atmosphere terrible, and are you always happy when you can close the door of your work behind you?

4. Company

Culture Career coaches indicate that this factor is often decisive in determining whether it is best to stay or leave. Employees who cannot agree with the norms and values of their employer or who have to propagate a message that does not match their personality are better off choosing the best path. Because such a discord always pays off in the long run.

Stay or leave?

To avoid burnout, you must stay true to yourself. Take a look at the above factors. Have you come to the point that your current job no longer suits you? Then take a look at your options. Are there other opportunities for you at your current company? Then you don’t have to jump into the deep end immediately. Perhaps there are none, and resignation is inevitable. In that case, make sure you are prepared and have an alternative on hand.

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