Rihanna left part of her charms uncovered [Photo]

On Friday night Rihanna blew up the imagination of her fans. Through her Instagram page, she shares a photograph in which she wore a blouse that left part of her charms uncovered.

The 30-year-old singer, in addition to being talented, possesses an unparalleled beauty. And any outfit will fit her in a spectacular way. Sure, of herself, Rihanna is seen with daring clothes, a situation that her fans are grateful for.

The last postcard that stole sighs from her fans, Rihanna wore a blouse with a pronounced neckline. The opening of the garment was so ‘shameless’ that it showed that the singer was not wearing a bra.

In the photograph she got more than 800 thousand hearts on Instagram, plus hundreds of compliments.

Look here at Rihanna’s flirtatious outfit:

The clothes that Rihanna uses are so peculiar that she even imposes a tendency. At least that is what Ana de la Reguera let her see in the 19th issue of the Latin Grammy. Because in her step as presenter she wore an outfit that the singer used previously.

Ana de la Reguera wore a two-piece suit. The bottom was a black short with front pockets and the top was a fuchsia satin top. And had a very peculiar design that left his shoulders bare.

This model was used by Rihanna at her 30th birthday party. After the same wardrobe was seen for Ana, web users started a debate about who would fit best.

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