After birth of their child, Rihanna wants to marry A$AP Rocky

Last week, Rihanna (33) and A$AP Rocky (33) announced that they are expecting their first child. According to insiders, the couple plans to get married after the birth of their child: “Rihanna is completely madly in love with A$AP. They are very close, and Rihanna has always been very traditional,” the sources told The Sun.

According to insiders, the marriage will take place in Barbados “because they both have relatives there”. It’s the place that brought Rihanna and A$AP together. When they are going to get married is not yet known, but what they want to do so is already certain: “Rihanna has told her friends that she wants to be with him forever, and he has also said the same thing on several occasions.”

The source continues: “she always wanted a baby, but it was never something she was really focused on. but the relationship with Rocky has made her open to the idea.” The source confirms that the couple is very happy now that they have been able to share the news with the world: “everything Rihanna does, she does in her own way, but they are now just like all the other parents-to-be. They are simply the cutest, craziest young couple excited to have a child together.”

The singer is said to have introduced the rapper in December 2020 to her father in Barbados, and he already got along well with his future son-in-law: “I think he is a very cool guy, I like him.” He also said that the couple probably does not stick to one child: “she always talked about having a child. She said maybe more than one. First, she said one, then she said she would like three.”

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