Risk of death: foods that should not be eaten with bananas

Bananas are a yummy, satisfying and healthy fruit that’s handy to take on the go for a quick bite to eat. However, care must be taken with what is eaten with them, as some “combinations” could have undesirable effects.

With their soft and sweet taste and nutritional value, bananas are highly appreciated not only by children, but also by adults. They contain ingredients beneficial to health and can be eaten with most foods.

However, in some cases, you have to be “careful”, says the Chinese site Sohu.

Melon and yogurt

For example, bananas and cantaloupe should not be combined. As both fruits are rich in potassium ions, the level of this mineral in the blood could lead to abnormal heart rhythms, accelerate kidney failure, and cause joint problems.

Risk of death: foods that should not be eaten with bananas

“This could cause serious illness or even be life-threatening,” the site says.

Bananas should also not be eaten with yogurt if you have stomach and spleen problems. Indeed, better gastrointestinal motility, which has a beneficial effect on healthy people, could cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other symptoms of digestive disorders.

Sweet potatoes are also dangerous when eaten with bananas because they are more difficult to digest due to their high dietary fiber content. Bananas also contain an enormous amount of dietary fiber.

Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes

“Together, the two products cause […] food to remain in the gastrointestinal tract for a long time, possibly leading to symptoms of discomfort such as acid reflux and, in severe cases, intoxication,” the site points out.

If you really want to eat these foods, you should at least think about spacing them about half an hour apart.

Empty stomach

In addition, unripe bananas should not be eaten, nor should unripe bananas be consumed on an empty stomach. These fruits are rich in magnesium and will quickly increase the content of this mineral, which can cause an imbalance in the body.

Finally, bananas should not be stored in the fridge where their taste will deteriorate, and their nutritional value will decrease.

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  1. Thank you for this valuable information .In most cases people make mistakes by serving variety of fruits ,mixed with the notion that one should choose on its own the one he or she will prefer. Often there is a tendency of picking all ,say ripe banana and water melons. It is when eaten all together at the same time problems occur without knowing the cause. Is it advisable therfore not to mix these at one table during eating times?

    1. It’s not advisable to mix all fruits without knowing their rich content. Mixing before eating and taking those fruits at the same time without mixing them on the table, is still assumed to be the same because all of the will digest together. But preferably give space of one or two hours. Most important, understand the mineral component of the fruits you will eat.

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