Crazy: Rue Cremieux want to take action against bloggers

First, the residents of the rue Cremieux in Paris still liked it: their street is popular on Instagram. But now that Instagrammers from all over the world come to immortalize their street, they want to take action. “She does not care about our privacy. It’s only about their likes.”

The houses in the narrow Rue Cremieux, near the Place de la Bastille in the 12th Arrondissement, were renovated about twenty years ago. Then the homeowners also decided to give their homes a pastel touch. In the years that followed, the street grew into a popular ‘photo opportunity’. Not only ‘ordinary’ tourists, but also bloggers and other influencers come to the streets, not to mention self-minded couples. They all come to Rue Crémieux, to the annoyance of the residents.

They even want their street to have a gate that can be closed in the evening and at weekends, but also during sunrise and sunset. According to the residents, their streets are crowded at those times, because the light falls nicely and the street is the most ‘Instagrammable’ for visitors.

One of the residents gives the influencers a biscuit of their own dough. He started – Ironically enough – the Instagram page Club Cremieux where he keeps track of the frustrations surrounding Instagrammers and gathers photographs of the crazy scenes people take for the perfect photo.

A group of residents complained to French media: “I cannot eat in my garden anymore because there are photo sessions all day long,” complained one. “Recently a rapper made a lot of noise here. Turns out he was recording a video clip.” A French woman told radio station ‘France Infos’ that the Instagramming tourists are often irritated. “She does not care about our privacy. They do everything for their likes,” the woman complained.

The video below is from @clubcremieux, the profile that pokes fun at the influencers.

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Rue Cremieux want to take action against bloggers
Rue Cremieux want to take action against bloggers
Rue Cremieux want to take action against bloggers

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