Russian top swimmer proves that you don’t need water to swim

Swimmers can correctly maintain their condition in quarantine, as the Russian swimmer Yuliya Efimova shows in a striking video on Instagram. She doesn’t need more than a kitchen counter.

The Russian swimming champion currently lives in the United States, where lockdown measures are in place as in other countries. Swimming is no longer an issue unless you can do that at home. 28-year-old Efimova came up with a creative and above all impressive solution, and she doesn’t need water for that.

With her legs on the kitchen counter and only her feet being held, the Russian demonstrates how she does ‘air swimming’ with a clever piece of strength. Afterward, there are also several exercises on the mat.

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“You don’t necessarily need a pool to swim,” she said on Instagram. “Of course, it is a completely different feeling without water, but with the right exercises, you can still practice the different swimming strokes. So it seems like you are swimming. I will stay in shape.”

Efimova is not only known for her sporting achievements – including six world breaststroke titles and three Olympic medals to her credit. The Russian tested positive for the use of doping in 2014 and resulted in a 16-month suspension.

Russian top swimmer proves that you don’t need water to swim

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