Rwanda set first to produce African-made smartphones

Rwanda, a central African country, is recorded as the first to produce mobile smartphones on the African continent in October 2019.

The information available shows that the produced Rwanda smartphone comes with high-end options such as fingerprint sensors that help unlock the phone.

Many smartphones used on the continent lack such functionality and this comes not only as a push for technology but also for high quality. Rwanda, according to a report by, has shattered many clichés, especially those associated with the 1994 genocide.

Rwanda set first to produce African-made smartphones
©StartupAFRICA – Minister Paula Ingabire

Renaming itself as a technological hub, its capital, Kigali, has become the seat of several incubators. Rwandan Minister of Technology Paula Ingabire explained that: “It boils down to our turbulent past left without anything and the use of ashes as a development tool for cohesion”.

The technological space of Africa has recently benefited from increased support from foreign countries. In addition, the American financial services cooperation has invested $ 200 million in Interswitch, a Nigerian invoice company.

Rwanda produces Smartphones that runs Android.
Rwanda produces Smartphones that run Android.

Microsoft has also opened workplaces in Kenya and Nigeria for engineers working on synthetic intelligence, systems studies, and combined facts. This happened a month after Google opened an artificial intelligence laboratory in Ghana.

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