Samantha has the biggest mouth in the world: “I used to be bullied”

Samantha Ramsdell (31) has – literally – the biggest mouth in the world. The Guinness Book officially awarded her the record with 6.52 centimeters, and no woman does better. The resident of Stamford, Connecticut, used to be ashamed of that gaping hole, now she makes it her main asset, savage and free.

The meeting with the Guinness Book of Records delegate took place at a dentist in her neighborhood. The exact size of her mouth was measured with a digital caliper.


Reply to @winnie_doggo03 one bite everyone knows the rules! Comment below what I should try next!😬 #WorthTheWait #OneStepCloser

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“And to think that this made me feel so insecure in my childhood,” the lady responds. “I was heavily bullied because of that crazy mouth, now it gives me success. It could be.”

Ramsdell owes her popularity in no small part to TikTok. The more burgers and donuts she devoured in one bite, the more excited her followers became. They are now 1.7 million. Nobody wants to miss how she eats a pack of fries in one go or wriggles an entire apple between her teeth.

“Almost three years ago, I lost 45 kilos,” says Ramsdell. “That was a huge boost to my confidence. I started taking singing lessons, immersed myself in comedy, and posted videos of it on my social media.”

“All meritorious attempts, but I only really went viral as soon as I did something with my mouth. Those videos were always a hit.”

Ramsdell has one more piece of advice for anyone who would have a unique body part. “Go for the world record, make it your greatest asset. It’s your superpower.”


Largest mouth gape – female: 6.52 cm (2.56 in) by @samramsdell5

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