Saudi Arabia rejects US Senate resolutions

Saudi Arabia sharply condemned the vote of two resolutions last week in the US Senate. The American senators decided among other things to stop the military support for the war in Yemen.

The US senators also placed responsibility for the murder of the Saudi journalist Khashoggi in the shoes of crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. It was indeed a symbolic resistance, but Riyadh nevertheless reacts irritably.

“The Kingdom condemns the latest position of the U.S. Senate that was based on unsubstantiated allegations and rejects the blatant interference in its internal affairs”, says a press release on the website of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Riyad says he wants to strengthen relations with the United States, but is “worried about the position of the members of a legislative body of a friendly country”. The press release also indicates that this is “an interference in domestic politics of Saudi Arabia”.

The two resolutions approved last Thursday in the US Senate received support from both Republicans and Democrats. However, it seems unlikely that the House of Representatives and President Trump will also approve them.

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