Scientists have found that vision problems reduce mental capacity

According to a new study by scientists from Johns Hopkins University (USA), vision problems are associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline (memory, attention, learning ability, etc. ) in older people.

The study involved more than 1200 people (average age 71.1 years) whose health was followed for almost seven years. Experts have studied the relationship between vision and various cognitive abilities using several indicators: decreased visual acuity, deterioration in contrast sensitivity, and deterioration in stereoscopic sharpness.

In a study published in the JAMA Network Open, the researchers found that every measure of visual impairment they studied was associated with decreased mental performance. In patients with vision problems, speech, memory, and attention deteriorated.

Our results prove the relationship between vision and eye health and brain aging. This highlights the need to study the effects of vision and eye health interventions on human cognitive performance – report the study’s authors.

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