Scottish minister resigns after sending 270 messages to boy (16)

The Scottish Finance Minister stepped down after a newspaper reported on his contacts with a sixteen-year-old boy. The 42-year-old Derek Mackay sent hundreds of text messages to the teenager via Instagram and Facebook.

Mackay of the SNP government party went deep into the dust after the publication. “I behaved stupidly and I’m sincerely sorry,” he reacted according to the BBC. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has accepted the resignation of her party colleague.

The affair was thrown out on the streets by an article by The Scottish Sun. It quoted from some of the 270 messages the Minister had sent to the boy. Mackay asked at some point, “our chats are between us?” And then complimented the teenager on his appearance “Yeahh”.

Scottish minister resigns after sending 270 messages to boy (16)
©TheScottishSun – Derek Mackay

He also invited the boy to dinner. The teenager for his part had explicitly stated that he was 16 years old and that Mackay “shouldn’t try anything”.

According to British media, the resigned minister was previously the favorite to succeed Sturgeon.

The teenager’s mother was reported to have gotten air from the chat contacts last week and reacted furiously. “A man shouldn’t say things like that to a boy,” she says in the paper.

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