Secrets of Norsun Tepe

A curious structure inside a hill with a diameter of 500m! Little is known about Norsun Tepe, and it is located in the Keban region, about 25 km from Elazig, the modern eastern Turkey.

German archaeologists discovered this ancient mysterious object in 1968. Excavations continued until 1974, after which the Turkish authorities imposed a ban on them.

Photographs and information provided by scientists confirm that huge jugs were found in Norsun Tepe, which is identical to the jugs found in the Laos Valley of Jars. The age of the found object was estimated at 5-7 thousand years.

Secrets of Norsun Tepe

The most interesting thing was that smelting furnaces and various metals were found in Norsun-Tepe. These finds do not correspond to the age of the object.

Numerous layers of soil covered what corresponded to different civilizations. It is impossible to find an explanation for the fact that they are in one place. This mysterious place, after the prohibition of excavations, disappeared.

Secrets of Norsun Tepe

In the Norsun-Tepe area, you can see many hills, but the ancient settlement is no longer there. What happened to them remains a mystery to people.

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