Seeing me in dream, mother-in-law asks her son to leave me

My mother-in-law has advice her son to leave. Reason: she saw me in her dream. But my husband did not listen to her because he found her behavior ridiculous.

Hello Afrinik, I would like you to share my story with Internet users.

I need your advice. I want to know if some women have suffered the misdeeds of their mothers until the destruction of their marriages.

My name is Stephanie and I’m 27 years old. I live in Central Africa and I met the man of my life when we were studying in Europe.

It was love at first sight between us. Our relationship began in our first academic year. We are really fusional so that I became the confidante of my husband. We are the best friends. He told me at the beginning of our relationship that his mother was “a complicated woman”.

She has always refused to let one of her children bring her boyfriend or girlfriend home.

For her, it’s a lack of respect. He saw his older brothers and sisters hiding when they had a girlfriend or a friend. When his mother learned that one of his children was showing his love in the streets, the boy was badly beaten at home by his uncles.

They grew up receiving a very strict education.

His father was quite simple, he let his mother run the house. So I was afraid to meet this lady who for me had terrorized these children.

I got pregnant and when my darling announced the news to his family, his mom made a scandal. I heard him shout on the phone. She was screaming and insulting her son.

Finally, we decided to unite before returning home. We did our civil marriage.

Imagine the anger of our respective parents who did not understand how we could be so irresponsible. Well, I tried to understand them. My mother-in-law shows me by all means that she does not like me because she wanted to choose the wife of each of her sons.

One morning, she told my husband that she had a dream. In this dream, I had worn her hand and she could not tolerate this lack of respect. She was quite scandalous and asked her son to leave me.

My husband did not listen to her because he found her behavior ridiculous.

How would you react if your mother acted like this?

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