She comes home a week after her funeral: what actually happens?

A young Indian girl was found dead in a suitcase. She was buried, and her in-laws accused of murder. But the body actually belonged to another person.

Six days after being pronounced dead and buried, a young woman in India reported to the police, reports The Times of India.

The 22-year-old Indian woman had been “identified” by her family when the body of a young woman was found in a suitcase in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, on 27 July. Police accused her husband and in-laws of killing her. All three were taken into custody.

No one noticed the mistake

The victim’s body was buried. Surprisingly, the family had no doubt about her identity even at the ceremony. According to local police, the body was identified by her brother and mother.

As she was allegedly tortured by her in-laws, her parents exposed to the police their suspicions that she had been killed by her new family.

The young woman was reported missing on 22 July. Six days later, she explained to the police that she had gone to a nearby town without telling anyone.

Her in-laws and her husband were exonerated. It remains to be seen who was the young woman in the suitcase.

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