She left me overnight: These causes break-up

Several things cause a break-up, and there are very few breaks up for no good reason. Sometimes that famous “good reason” can seem stupid, completely bonkers, even unrealistic.

However, the facts are there: your girlfriend left you overnight, and she has an excellent reason to leave you, which she will explain to you or not. Do you feel she would have flown if it was 200% satisfied? The answer is no; she would have stayed with you.

This article will enlighten you on the different causes of break up. You will finally understand the reasons that push women to dump their boyfriend/husband. You will know the mistakes to avoid to live a fulfilling relationship.

Why are we looking for all the causes of the break-up? You felt like everything was going well between you, but she dumped you overnight, like shit?

You will understand the most common causes of break-ups that lead women to break up with you. Understanding why she left is essential for rebuilding yourself, for better living through the phases of the break-up, and for avoiding making the same mistakes again during your next love affair.


Lack of love is the very first cause of the break-up. 40% of the women questioned have already broken for this reason. The causes of disenchantment are as diverse as they are varied.

You’re now ex may have realized that she didn’t love you as much as she thought, her new co-worker pleases her much more than you or she may seek the sense of freedom that comes with being single. 21% of women would end their marriage out of a pure desire to become single again.


Infidelity comes in second place among the causes of the break-up. Almost 39% of the women questioned have already broken up because of their spouse’s infidelity. The causes of cheating can be numerous: the need for novelty, the search for lost trust, a decrease in attraction to one’s partner, etc.

No man or woman can ever stop their partner from cheating on him/her. It’s impossible. Most of the time, you will have a lot to say to yourself. Try to take time to spend moments together and thus find yourself. These moments become scarce during exams, during workweeks that creep on the weekend or when a baby comes to expand the family.

By spending time alone, away from the obligations of everyday life, you will find your complicity and intimacy. Not all couples are open, who allow themselves to go elsewhere as soon as they let each other know. Moral infidelity is not to outdone since 30% of women have already ended a relationship because they no longer trusted their man or because he had lied to them about important matters.

We have entered an era of transparency, for better or for worse.


Lovemaking is one of the most common causes of break-up. 20% of women admit to having broken up because of a partner who did not know how to make love to them. The sexual problem has several sources: a sexual disagreement between you, a loss of libido following pregnancy, and recurring arguments within your couple, leading to a decrease in desire.

However, several solutions exist to have fun in bed, even after several years of relationship:

By making her come like a god

By discussing your desires, your fantasies. Your girlfriend may not dare to talk to you about it for fear of sounding like a bitch because of her impulses. But you have to make her understand that you are there for fun, that you don’t judge her, and that her pleasure is important to you.

Test new practices, make love in unusual places that are always more exciting. By mixing love and challenge, your desire for both will take off again.

Incompatible characters

The beginning of a relationship always feels like heaven. You are 100% compatible with this girl, and nothing and no one will be able to stop you from living your love affair. And two months later, you can no longer bear all its whims.

The early romantic feelings are so powerful that they mask your incompatibilities. They blind you; you don’t even realize this girl’s flaws. But you are only pushing back the inevitable deadline. We all evolve, but we never change entirely. At first, you will find its cute minor flaws, but after several years, you will be pretty sick of it.

So it is better to bet on the right horse from the start, to avoid wasting your time with someone who is not worth it or who does not suit you. However, there are all the severe defects (egoism, narcissism, unhealthy jealousy), even dangerous (moral harassment, violence). Recurring disputes concern 30% of break-ups.


Long-distance relationships are always complicated. Today more than yesterday, many couples are confronted with estrangement.

Frequent trips to specific jobs stays abroad made compulsory by many schools, dating sites that find you the ideal partner 600km away. Do you have the motivation you need to maintain a long-distance relationship? What about your partner? Lack of physical contact and travel costs will inevitably impact the quality of your relationship.

Money and the professional situation

For women, a man’s money would be the primary criterion of attraction. OK, some might’s abuse it. But for all women, it is a biological factor anchored in them: they seek security. However, your income will depend on your standard of living, your vacation together, the apartment or house you will live in.

If you don’t have the same relationship to money, one of you is a high roller, and you have a joint account; a discussion is necessary there now. Generally speaking, communicate.

Some women attach great importance to their man’s professional career, so much so that they can’t stand their boyfriend refusing to develop professionally.

A Deadly Routine For Your Relationship

Routine dating is not in itself a bad thing. It even becomes necessary to organize your life together about your work, your activities. But the minute you rest on your laurels and forget a little (if not a lot) about your partner, the routine stifles your relationship.

By dint of rubbing shoulders with the other, you get used to their presence. Some people neglect themselves physically by stopping the sport or by easing the foot on hygiene. Others look less at their girlfriend than before; they make less effort for her. Those who give up do all of this at the same time.

Do not forget that you are acting with your girlfriend! 21% of women have already broken up because of a boyfriend not paying them enough attention.

Daily life puts the life of a couple to the test, and frustration has its limits. But if you put in the effort and say “shit” to those negative habits starting to take hold, you can find ways to skip the routine. It is crucial to each have their own little life on their side to breathe a little and preserve the balance of your relationship.

The beautiful family

11% of the women surveyed broke up because of the omnipresence of their spouse’s family. Between interference, criticism and rejection, they couldn’t take it any longer. To create an unsinkable and relative space for your couple, it is mandatory to take a minimum distance from your parental influences.

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