She was initiated into lesbianism at the age of 5 by her aunt

Abena Serwaa recently made a shocking revelation about her private life. The Ghanaian lady disclosed that she was initiated into lesbianism at the age of 5 by her aunt.

In an interview with DJ Nyame, on SVTV Africa, Abena Serwaa revealed that she was initiated into lesbianism. According to her, when she was 5-years-old, her aunt, with whom she stayed because her mother had traveled, influenced her, and gradually she became addicted.

As a drug addict, Abena Serwaa became interested in her fellow females, proposing to some of the relationships with the same gender.

“If I see a girl and I am interested, I will gradually attract her by calling to watch her on a daily basis, like a man in love with a woman,” she revealed.

She says that at a young age, she was not aware of what she was doing until she grew up. She also recognized that most of the time, she had to play the male role.

However, she had no feelings because she was young and did not know what she was doing.

She was initiated into lesbianism at the age of 5 by her aunt
Lesbian couple walking with the pride event, hugging and waving pride flags

Abena Serwaa revealed that most of her partners are adults, the women who hire her service and pay her, another reason she couldn’t stop. For two decades now, Abena has valued her fellow gender beings rather than men.

Nevertheless, she says she has enough now and wants to stop. She is said to have even attended different churches in Ghana, for prayers, hoping that she will stop it sooner.

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