Should you tell your friends how much you make?

It’s not worth being honest about money. Better to move the conversation to something else. And the excessive curiosity of the one who asks is a reason to take a closer look at the person. And show some caution in communication.

In the olden days, people calmly discussed their income out loud that was normal. Everyone got about the same; there wasn’t much difference. If a person avoided a direct answer to the question: “how much do you get?”,

They were suspicious of him. Perhaps he is a speculator or a dishonest trade worker! Maybe a spy! Why can’t he say

the amount directly? So talking about income was considered good and decent.

You don’t need to tell anyone about your income

But then everything changed. According to statistics, a very small percentage of people openly talk about their income. Some do not even tell the closest ones how much they earned. The Western-style has come to us; there it is not customary either to ask about income or to talk openly. Asking is indecent; telling is harmful!

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