5 things men are afraid of in relationships but don’t tell anyone

Men are the stronger s*x. Women are used to relying on them, waiting for initiative, decisiveness and activity. But men are people too. And, like any person, even the most brutal guy has his fears. He is offended, afraid, suffering. True, unlike women, men perceive this as a flaw and not as a norm.

We do not always understand the “stronger s^x”. Therefore, I want to get into a man’s head and find out what he does not tell anyone. So, what are men really afraid of – especially in relationships?

What are men afraid of in relationships?

Fear of monogamy for the rest of your life

Relationship with one woman for life! Horrible! Probably, this is how some average man thinks when thinking about relationships. In general, we can say with confidence: this is the key reason why many representatives of the “stronger sex” are delaying the wedding to the last.

To make a marriage proposal to his chosen one, even if a man truly loves this woman, seems to him to be something terrible and terrifying. By the way, this stereotype – that men hate monogamy – is probably condoned by the male community itself.

This prejudice is somewhere near the fact that men must love football and fishing. But not everyone loves it, right? That’s the way it is with marriage. Some men are still not afraid to admit that there is nothing terrible or reprehensible about monogamy.

Stereotypes and fears imposed on the part of men often prevent men from being truly happy. They are afraid to devote themselves entirely to their beloved woman. After all, this somehow does not fit with the idea that a man is a male who rushes to every column from an excess of test0sterone.

many men often argue that a man is a polygamous creature, and therefore monogamy is something wild unnatural.

In general, let’s make an intermediate conclusion: men often spoil everything and destroy their relationship with the woman they love because of their prejudices and fears.

Is it worth it? What do you think? Be that as it may, but the fact that many men are horrified by the thought of marriage for life is true. And there is no getting away from it.

Fear of life “under the thumb”

What could be worse than the word “henpecked”? Yes, most men perceive this as a wild insult. Especially if it sounds from another representative of the “stronger s^x”. The male ego is a delicate and delicate thing.

Therefore, you should be careful with her. Men’s companies, perhaps, breed stereotypes even worse than women’s ones! Guys love to gossip and talk about their friends. Of course, no one knows exactly what it means to be henpecked for a man.

But, be that as it may, this is almost the most terrible stigma for their whole life. Therefore, men go out of their way to show how they dominate women. However, there is one problem: the fact is that few people can draw the line between a man who loves and respects his wife (or darling) and henpecked, never expressing their opinion and afraid to come into conflict with their spouse.

So the whole problem lies in such a blurred border, which is why the man is afraid to be branded, in fact, henpecked.

Fear of being abandoned

Let’s be honest: this is fear not only of men but also of women. So there is nothing strange here. Of course, guys always try to “be on top”, look calm, even indifferent. However, in the depths of their souls, there is fear: what if I ruin everything? Men are really afraid to take the wrong step, ruin the relationship.

They are afraid that the wife will go to another, that the friend will pack her things and go to her home, etc. The guys are also sincerely afraid of betrayal and abandonment. They are constantly tormented by the fear that the wife will prefer another man. And such experiences seem like weaknesses to guys, so they try to hide their emotions and feelings.

True, women at the same time often think that their chosen ones do not feel anything at all. So in a relationship, it is important to observe the “golden mean”.

The problem is that men automatically hang a “female” stigma on any emotion. And sometimes, it interferes with the relationship. They will never say how the spouse is dear to them or want to keep the family together.

This behaviour often creates misunderstandings between husband and wife. Secrecy turns into manifestations of jealousy, suspicion on the part of the guys. And this, of course, is often much worse than just a manifestation of love, “weakness”, as men think.

Advice: if you often encounter such a problem, make it clear to your man that he is the only one for you. And you feel good, reliable and safe with him.

Fear of disappointing your chosen one

A man, as we have already said, is the stronger s^x. Such a stereotype has taken root in society. And this means only one thing: concerning guys, women always have many expectations. And these expectations are often, oh, how difficult it is to justify! It is not surprising that a man is constantly nervous, afraid to disappoint his chosen one, afraid not to live up to her expectations.

So for many representatives of the “stronger s^x”, the feeling of insecurity and constant fear that their beloved will go to another, so to speak, more worthy candidate, is already the norm.

Men depend on the stereotype that the “stronger s^x” is the protector, the breadwinner, the main one in the family. The only problem is that nature does not create “carbon copy” people, especially gender.

For every earner and protector, there can be a stronger person. And, of course, men are afraid of this just horror. And, finally, another popular stereotype is associated with this point: a man should be stronger and better than a woman in everything. Since he is the “stronger s^x”.

However, in reality, as we all know, this is not always the case. And this is completely normal. But, be that as it may, men still from childhood live in a situation where, like a bag, the burden of increased responsibility and the fear of failure hangs on them.

Fear to stop enjoying intimacy

Yes, finally, we come to the most delicate point of our review. Intimacy is an important part of a relationship for all men. And for women, of course. Although there is a stereotype that women are still not so important. Okay, let’s go directly to the topic. Agree; if you live too long with a person under the same roof, sooner or later, you will cease to feel your former passion for him.

After that, the relationship, as it were, should smoothly move to the next stage. But here we are faced with one problem: women, as a rule, imagine this next stage of the relationship much better than men. Guys often get lost, don’t know how to behave. And what to do next. So it’s not surprising that they are intimidated by the moment when passion leaves the relationship.

Moving on in a relationship is often challenging. Probably in such cases, if you see that your chosen one is slightly disoriented, you should help him. Not a bad way out – be honest. Women are designed in such a way that they often have no time for intimacy at all. For example, during pregnancy, childbirth, or just a blockage at work.

Men rarely think about it, considering that passion is almost the key moment in a relationship. When a woman does not want intimacy, guys think that this is the end. But let’s be honest: men also have difficulties (related to age, for example) when their libido level drops noticeably. This is also, of course, one of the fears. True, you can probably devote a separate material to him.

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