Show me the length of your nails and I’ll tell you who you are

Woman is a naturally beautiful being. She makes every effort to present herself every day in her most beautiful beauty. The manicure is one of those criteria that is not left to chance.
However, this aspect hides a science. It can say a lot about your personality depending on its length.

Long nails

These nails measure from 10 mm and up. In general, people whose nails are long have character. They are the kind not to be allowed to walk on their feet. Especially in business, they attach great importance to the projects they are working on. These women do not hesitate to stand out in all areas.

Medium nails

The medium nails are between 5 mm and 9 mm. People who have this nail length are unparalleled advisers. They can easily adapt to all situations. They also know how to take life on the right side.

Short nails

If you wear nails that measure between 0 mm and 4 mm, you are a generous person. Women with short nails are always ready to lend a helping hand to others. They do not like trouble but like being comfortable in one’s body, which is also one of their priorities.

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