Significant increase in coronavirus deaths in France

In France, 263 new corona deaths were reported on Monday that died in hospitals and care homes. On Sunday, 70 more deaths were reported, the lowest since the start of the lockdown on March 17, and record lows were also recorded the previous days.

France now has 26,643 deaths from the coronavirus. The competent government department reports this on Monday evening. The first loosening of the lockdown rules took effect in France just on Monday.

According to the authorities, 2,712 people are in intensive care on Monday. That number has been falling for several days in a row, and also declined on Monday, with 64 seriously ill people.

There are currently more than 22,000 people in French hospitals. Some 57,000 people have since been allowed to leave the hospital. The number of newly confirmed cases of the disease increased by 456, from 209 on Sunday, bringing the total to 139,519.

The numbers will fuel fears of a possible second wave of infections. The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized on Monday that “extreme vigilance” is needed in countries that are phasing out lockdown measures.

The country relaxed some corona measures on Monday. For example, the French are allowed to exercise and walk again, and people no longer have to demonstrate their reason for going out.

In the north and northeast of the country, including Paris, more restrictions remain, and for example, parks do not open. Most businesses, including shops, can reopen, but cafes and restaurants are not yet open.

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