Simon Cowell booed by audience in ‘America’s Got Talent’: 12-year-old girl start over twice

It’s no secret that Simon Cowell (60) can be harsh, but in the final episode of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ the judge was merciless to 12-year-old Ashley Marina. His comments were met with loud booing from the public.

Ashley tells in front of the camera how it was her dream to be on the stage of ‘America’s Got Talent’. One that was fulfilled with her audition for judges Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell, only that last one was very critical of the girl.

When she performed the song ‘Anyway’, Simon decided that the music was too dominant. “Have you prepared a second number?” he asks.

Ashley showed the best of her vocal cords with ‘Opportunity’, a cappella or so, at Cowell’s request.


“I think you brought the wrong songs today,” Simon starts after Ashley’s retake. A remark that was received with deafening boos from the audience present.

Cowell doesn’t care about that, of course. Juror Sofia Vergara suggested giving the teenager a third chance, so the panel decided to have her backstage to prepare another song.

When Ashley later climbs back on stage, she tells that she has decided to bring a self-written song, after the proposals of producers’ backstage couldn’t appeal to her. “I know I can do this song because I wrote it for my father.” And he must have been proud of his daughter’s perseverance.

The jury and audience were left orphaned after the girl’s emotional performance. “I think we’ve finally met the real Ashley,” Cowell responds before the judges decide she can move on to the next round.

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