These are the first 5 finalists of ‘America’s Got Talent’ in a row

The first five finalists of America’s Got Talent are known. In the first semi-final of the talent show, which also includes the Dutch Glennis Grace this year, six acts were sent home.

Among the five finalists is one artist who sings like Glennis; Michael Ketterer. Furthermore, illusionist Shin Lim, stand-up comedian Samuel J. Comroe and acrobats group Zurcaroh are by. Trapeze act Duo Transcend also won the final, they were rescued by the expert jury consisting of Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel.

Glennis Grace will be in the second semi-final of the show next Tuesday local time. The final will be held on 18 September, the next day the winner of a million dollars and a gig in Las Vegas will be announced.

1. Glennis Grace

2. Michael Ketterer


3. Shin Lim

4. Samuel J. Comroe

5. Z urcaroh


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