Slinky trading: Man releases rodents and demands free hotel room

An American has successfully managed to get a free hotel room several times through slinky trading. His method? The thirties released several rodents and complained to the reception about the “shameful filthiness” in the room.

Police in Salt Lake City, Utah, said suspect Ryan Sentelle (37) was effectively not presented with a bill at two of the three hotels. The man hid live hamsters and mice in his luggage.

Once checked in to his room, he released the animals and collected their droppings. He chased hotel management at enormous costs because the administration had to make use of professional pest controllers to comply with American legislation.

It is not clear how Ryan ran into the lamp. The arrestee was told five complaints. His arrest dates from the end of January.

Meanwhile, more hotel bosses in the state of Utah have reported to the police. They too would have been disadvantaged by the scammer.

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