Snakes in George Weah’s office

The Liberian president George Weah is forced to work from home because of two snakes found in his office.

This week, George Weah the president of Liberia has no option than to work from home. The entire building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President’s Office has been evacuated and is being fumigated.

They are usually security guards in front of the building that houses the offices of the Liberian president, but this week unwanted intruders managed to sneak into the workplace of George Weah.

These are two black snakes, they slipped out of a hole in the wall behind the security desk, causing panic.

All staff was evacuated from the building including President Weah. These teams are expected to return to work on Monday after fumigation of the building. It would not be surprising to hear some people ask to work from home because of the phobia for snakes.

Recall in 2017, the Nigerian president was also forced to work from home following a rat invasion. Muhammadu Buhari was absent from the office for about 3 months while returning from a convalescence in London.

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