Son (5) lost in Hurricane Dorian: “He shouted daddy” and disappeared under the water

The death toll of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas has risen to 30 in recent days. Hundreds of people are missing from the archipelago, including a 5-year-old boy who was dragged along by a flood in front of his father. Adrian Farrington, who is 38 years old, tells his story in tears in various media. “I remember him shouting ‘Daddy’ and trying to cling to me.”

When Dorian crossed the Bahamas, wind speeds of 300 kilometers per hour were recorded. The damage is enormous. Houses destroyed and large areas flooded, and hundreds of people are still missing. The fear is growing that the number of victims will increase.

Gust of wind

Thirty-eight-year-old Adrian Farrington, with his heartbreaking story, has become the symbol of grief that Dorian has caused to many families. Crying, he explains how – with a broken leg – he did everything he could to protect his son from the devastating force of the flowing water.

He told the local newspaper Nassau Guardian, among others, that he placed his five-year-old son on the roof of a house to protect him from the powerful floods. He begged the boy to close his mouth, stop crying and keep breathing, but before he wanted to climb up to join Adrian Jr., a fierce gust of wind blew the boy into the water.

“I remember when he called out ‘Daddy’ and tried to cling to me.” It was the last time Farrington saw his son.

The father did everything he could to find the boy and went underwater hoping to feel his skin or clothes but in vain. “I found nothing. I came back upstairs. I held my breath and dived down again,” he told the newspaper. “In the meantime, people took my wife to safety and called me to see if I would come to them, but I didn’t want to leave because I didn’t want to leave my son alone.” The man and his family fear the worst.


The storm is currently moving along the east coast of the United States and has weakened into a second category storm. However, Dorian still causes a lot of inconvenience in North and South Carolina.

In the coastal town of Charleston in South Carolina, many streets flooded by heavy rainfall. In the coastal regions, a state of emergency has been declared, and many people evacuated as a precaution in recent days. Hundreds of people are in no position to go right now. According to Governor Roy Cooper, “intensive care” is urgently needed.

Because of the hurricane, dangerous floods occur, preventing people from leaving their homes. In the coastal areas of North Carolina, around 200,000 people are without power.

Four storm-related deaths have already been recorded in the US. An 85-year-old man fell dead from a ladder in North Carolina while barricading his house. Three others died in Florida.

©Guardian – Farrington at Guardian

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