Speaking surprisingly: is James Bond be a daddy in latest film?

We all know the fictional character James Bond as a tough spy, elegant Brit, and above all: charming womanizer. But a devoted father, that doesn’t really fit in the list. Still, that’s exactly what we’ll get to see in the latest Bond movie, ‘No Time To Die’, if we can believe the British media.

The release of ‘No Time To Die’ was postponed due to the coronavirus. The print will only be released in cinemas in November. But meanwhile, there is already speculation about a possible storyline.

Last week, several call sheets describing the actors’ recording schedule were put up for sale on eBay. One seems to show that James Bond has a family.

It is a scene that was shot in the south of Italy last year. Present on the set: Lea Seydoux (who plays Bond’s beloved Madeleine Swann), Lashana Lynch (who plays 00 agents Nomi), and five-year-old Lisa-Dorah Sonne, who plays a certain Mathilde.

“Nomi guides Madeleine and Mathilde to a safe environment, with the island in the background,” the call sheet says. For many fans proof that Madeleine and James had a child together: Mathilde.

The storyline is thought to have been created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the creator of ‘Fleabag’, and should show that Bond is also getting older. “Making him a father opens up a whole new world in terms of storylines and drama. Bond’s discovery of being a father is essential to the plot.”

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