Stewardess reveals most annoying and disgusting habits of passengers

For hours on end, being crammed together with strangers in an airplane, it is a challenge. And certainly, when you are stuck with the most annoying people. Former stewardess Kathleen Shaw knows all about it, she even dedicates a complete Instagram page on which she reveals the most disgusting habits of passengers.

Kathleen Shaw was so tired of the behaviour of some passengers that she founded the Instagram page ‘Passenger Shaming’. With shameful photos she hoped to give people some more aircraft etiquette, but in the meantime the page has become a phenomenon. The account already has 720,000 followers and the magazine Rolling Stone recorded the page in its top 100 of ‘Best Instagram accounts’.

Passengers from all over the world send photos of annoying passengers, after which the ‘best’ snaps end up on the page. The result is just as disgusting as recognizable: feet on the arm or back supports, full-figured tables and embarrassing poses. And some pictures are just too crazy for words.

Below you will find an overview of the most striking photos:

More photos can be found on the instagram page ‘Passenger Shaming‘.

passenger shaming
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