Studying something you have no interest in

The new school year is about to start, or maybe you just started a new education. Super fun, but there’s also a chance it’s not your thing. These are signs that you’re studying something you don’t like

Today there are many different studies. From senior secondary, vocational education to university, the choice is enormous. Of course, you think carefully about what you want to study in advance, but there is a chance that you are completely missing the point. If that’s the case, it’s better to quit as soon as possible before your student debt is huge.

Effects of choosing the wrong course

1. You can’t explain your choice

A big red flag that you have chosen the wrong study is when you cannot explain why you have chosen it. When you do something that suits you, you talk about it passionately. Then you have a goal that matches your education.

Perhaps you felt a lot of pressure from your environment, which is why you chose this path. Or maybe you chose an education simply because it’s something you’re good at. Or maybe the 17-year-old you didn’t know what the 25-year-old you wanted in life. There are plenty of reasons why you made the wrong choice.

2. Your results are bad

The numbers you’ve gotten so far are… yes. Just very bad. Now you may be just challenging yourself with the study you have chosen, but this is also possible because it does not suit you at all.

When you follow a course that you don’t like, you don’t have the motivation to get good grades. If you do something that doesn’t satisfy you, it will also be very difficult to lock yourself up for a weekend to study for an exam.

3. You don’t see a career in front of you

Another signal that you have chosen a study that does not suit you is when you do not see yourself working in the sector of your study. This sounds quite logical, but it often happens that people choose a study, but not for the career that comes after it.

You should, of course, choose a study that you enjoy and not necessarily one that will give you a good career later on.

However, you must see yourself working in that field. It is not yet important what kind of job that will be. Should you study nursing, and do you never see yourself nursing someone? Then something goes wrong.

4. You are reluctant to go to school

It is not the case that you can already say that you have made the wrong choice in the first month of your studies. In any case, give it some time because some studies only become fun after the first semester.

If it is the case that you reluctantly walk to the bike every day, then you may have to check whether it was the right choice. With every study, you have subjects that you do not enjoy much, but you should generally enjoy going to school.

5. You are constantly confused

You are confused all the time. About everything. About why you are here and about life in general. Everyone seems to get it, but you’re in a constant WTF stage. This makes you feel stressed all the time. You don’t feel good when you’re in a class or when you turn in even the smallest assignment. Why? Because it’s not your study.

Do what you like, not what is expected of you. Give it some time, think carefully about your choice and talk to people and classmates. Ultimately, you are the one who chooses what to do.

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