Sudan wants to punish repression on protesters on 3rd June

The Sudanese justice system claims that at least eight military officers will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity following the death of pro-democracy protesters on 3rd June.

Fath al-Rahman Saeed, head of the committee to investigate the June 3rd massacres, said that 87 people were killed and 68 others injured in repression on protesters in Khartoum, the capital.

Doctors close to the protest movement claim that nearly 130 people perished in the June 3rd massacres.

According to the main protest group against the military transitional government, the prosecutor’s report of 87 dead and 68 wounded was compiled from inaccurate figures from the Ministry of Health. Under Sudanese military law, crimes against humanity can be punished by the death penalty.

Some of the victims of the repression of the June 3 protests were thrown into the Nile River, which runs along Khartoum.

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