Swarm of bees kill 63 endangered penguins in South Africa

A swarm of bees is responsible for the death of 63 endangered penguins on a beach outside Cape Town. A local nature agency reports this. “This is a very rare event,” it sounds.

The protected birds were found in the small town of Simon’s Town, near Cape Town. “After an autopsy, we found bee stings around the penguins’ eyes,” said vet David Roberts. “It is a very rare event. We don’t expect it to happen often, it’s a fluke. Moreover, there were also dead bees present.”

However, other tests are still being done to rule out another possible cause. “The African penguins should not just die because they are already threatened with extinction. They are a protected species,” says Roberts.

The habitat of both animal species is a national park. The bees are part of the local ecosystem.

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