Taiwanese couple get married four times for more holidays

In Taiwan, a couple married four times during a period of one month to enjoy a longer vacation.

Companies are required by law on the East Asian island to offer eight days’ leave to newlyweds. The Taipei Labor Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that the couple wanted to take advantage of that law.

According to authorities, the man, a bank clerk, has requested 32 days’ leave during a period of 37 days. That’s because he and his wife married four times and divorced three times during that month.

The bank where the man worked declined his request. He appealed to the Taipei Labor Ministry, which initially fined the employer 20,000 Taiwanese dollars.

Legally, there is no limit to how often an employee can request leave before his or her marriage. However, the bank found that the man had abused the law. Strong reactions against the bank clerk followed on social media.

Last week, the Ministry of Labor acknowledged a mistake and revoked the fine it had imposed.

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