Taxi driver sues ex-girlfriend for refund of $278 spent on her

A taxi driver has sued his ex-girlfriend for a refund of the $0.67 spent on her during their relationship. The Ngombe driver claimed that he has spent more than K3, 500 (3500 ZMK in USD = $278) on her.

Gilbert Njobvu, a taxi driver, 49, of Ng’ombe in Zambia told the court that he had been living with Rejoice Musamba, 39, of Kalingalinga for 7 years. She ‘Musamba’ suggested to him that they should start a mobile money business and that K5, 000 (USD = $278) was needed.

“I started giving her some money and in September the figure amounted to K3, 500,” Mr. Njobvu stated. He added that in October, Musamba told him she was going to South Africa with her boss and when he asked about their savings, she told him to wait for her when she returned after two weeks.

“She did not stay in South Africa for 2 weeks. She came back after a week and a few days and whenever I tried to call her number, it was always busy and finally, she blacklisted me,” said the Taxi driver.

The local taxi driver confronted her and asked for money, Musamba told him to suspend the business idea. She also told him that she could not give him back the money because she had lent it out.

Ms. Musamba then told the court that Njobvu was an ex-boyfriend and they broke up 2 years ago. She further denied being liable to K3, 500 (USD = 278) or ever talking about any mobile money business.

She said when Njobvu proposed to her, he told her he was single but later she discovered that he was actually married. “He used to pay my rent and meet all my needs when we were in a relationship, but I broke up with him when I found out he was sleeping with my sister,” Musamba said.

The ex-girlfriend added that one time she caught Njovu red-handed making love with her sister on her (Musamba’s) bed. “When I broke up with him, he threatened me and told me he had spent too much money on me and I can’t leave him. He told me to repay all the money he spent on me or he would have me locked up,” she sounds.

Boma Local Court Senior Presiding Magistrate Sharon Sichone found that the taxi driver had no evidence that he gave money to Musamba for her business because he had no witnesses, no record, and dismissed the complaint.

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