Teacher is shown brutally beating the student who insulted him [Video]

The video of a teacher at the Maywood Academy in Los Angeles, United States, who hit his student after the boy insulted him went viral on social networks.

The discussion began when the teacher denied the student entry to the classroom because he was not wearing the right uniform, so the young man approached him and started to throw racist insults at him in front of the whole class.

The teacher tried to keep calm, but the young man threw him the basketball in his hand. At that time the teacher left to make a call and ask school security agents to come to the classroom.

However, after the student continued to insult, the teacher punched him; Soon other professors and staff arrived to stop the dispute. The teacher was imprisoned, although he was released on bail and must appear on November 30.

Most of the students interviewed after the fight for Channel 5 local KTLA expressed sympathy for the teacher and nearby people raise funds to pay for his defence. As for the student, he had minor injuries and left the hospital after receiving medical authorization.

Video scene of the fight here:


It is presumed that this is not the first time that the teacher has problems with the students. According to CBS News, on another occasion the teacher publicly received insults; Last year they also recorded it while fighting with another student.

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