Teacher who poisoned 25 of her colleague’s children sentenced to death

In China, a kindergarten teacher has been sentenced to death for poisoned 25 students. One child was killed. In 2017, Wang Yun tried to poison her husband after a marital dispute.

The judge in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, found Wang Yun guilty of administering sodium nitrite to her colleague’s students. She did this by mixing the stuff into the breakfast porridge of the toddlers.

Sodium nitrite is a chemical used as a meat preservative, but in high doses, it can be toxic.

Of the 25 poisoned children, 23 vomited, some lost consciousness. One boy eventually died in the hospital after a struggle of ten months.

Nurses take care of the poisoned kindergartens.
©Videostill/Twitter – Nurses take care of the poisoned kindergartens.


According to the court, Wang wanted to take revenge on her colleague and knew that the substance was harmful, but she did not care about the consequences. Moreover, the woman was not ready for her test piece. For example, the court discovered that she had already tried to poison her husband in 2017 after a marital dispute.

The court president described Wang as “despicable and mean”. “The consequences of her crimes are extremely serious. She deserves to be severely punished,” it said.

Capital punishment in China is carried out by lethal injection or by firing squad.

Wang is not the first kindergarten teacher to be convicted. In November 2017, a colleague in Beijing was jailed for 18 months after trying to ‘tame’ four children in her class by inserting needles into their bodies.

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