Tesla, GM, Toyota, and Jaguar Land Rover want to produce ventilator fans

Several car manufacturers respond positively to a call to produce fans in the fight against the coronavirus. These include Tesla and General Motors (GM) in the US and Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota Motors in Great Britain.

The US government has called on companies to create it to address a lack of respiratory equipment in hospitals.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reported on Twitter that his company is ready to assist in the event of shortages. His message received wide acclaim on Twitter. GM CEO Mary Barra had also said she was willing to lend a helping hand. Ford Motor is also said to be discussing the matter with the government.

US automakers have announced that they will temporarily close their factories in North America due to the coronavirus. The released capacity can be used for the production of fans. Work at the Tesla factory in California continues, but with fewer workers.

Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on manufacturers to make fans to tackle shortages. Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota Motor have pledged help. Aviation supplier Meggitt also responded to the call. That company makes oxygen systems for aircraft, among other things.

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