The list of the most protected places on Earth

There are many places on Earth where it is either very difficult or impossible to get access. In addition to natural objects, there are also those objects that human-made. These are all sorts of bunkers, ground and underground, bases, and so on.

This post lists the most famous places of this kind. The collection also mentions the Vatican library and the database of Scientologists, where some secret documents of this sect keep.

Pionen data center

The list of the most protected places on Earth
©Atlas Obscura

This is a data center built in a former bunker previously used by the Swedish government. Inside the data center, there are hydroponic facilities, aquariums, waterfalls, and a day/night system. Here, for example, is located the equipment of WikiLeaks, an organization that collects dirt on various governments and government agencies.

Area 51 base

The list of the most protected places on Earth

This is a US Air Force base, the existence of which was only confirmed in July 2013. For a long time, this base figured in the works of all sorts of conspiracy theorists and ufologists. But it turned out that the ground is not unusual – it is just that they are designing ultra-modern aircraft (including Lockheed U-2 and Lockheed A-12), so the base very well guard.

Previously, the base tested both American and Soviet aircraft that intercept during the Cold War.

Mormon base

The list of the most protected places on Earth

Under one of the most mighty mountains in the United States, Granite Mountain, at a depth of more than 200 meters, there is a vault built by Mormons, adherents of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints. This repository can easily withstand a nuclear explosion, while there are precious items for Mormons. By the way, neither ordinary people nor most of the adepts can get into the storage. Only the top of the church can get into the holy of holies.

Scientology‘s Trementina base

The list of the most protected places on Earth
©Red Ice

There is another base in the New Mexico desert that belongs to Scientologists. It is unknown, but the vault is protected from the outside world by tons of doors. Only the principal adepts of the movement can get into this storage. Above the archive, there are mysterious signs, which are not clear what they intend for. Some believe that these signs should show the spirit of Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, where to go, someone – that these are signs for aliens.

Fort Knox

The list of the most protected places on Earth

And here is the US gold reserve. Also, the fort contains precious historical documents, including the Declaration of Independence. The entrance to the fort cover by a door weighing 22 tons protect from explosions of any force, including an indirect hit of a nuclear bomb.

Vatican Library

The list of the most protected places on Earth
©Visit Vactican Info

The Vatican’s vault contains some of the most valuable documents ever found. According to some experts, more than a million different books, scrolls, and other paper media and information are collected here.

Scientists and theologians can get into the vault, but only with a pen and paper, with nothing else. Inside, such a visitor accompanied by three people at once – two Guards and a priest. The vault is sometimes closed, but for the most part, it is open to the public. The length of the archive reaches 84 km.

Bold Lane Park

The list of the most protected places on Earth

Are you surprised? But it is one of the most protected places on the planet. You can get inside only with a special pass. It is impossible to enter here on foot. A parked vehicle guard by a wide variety of sensors and sensors, including volume, motion, sound, and vibration sensors.

Porton Down

The list of the most protected places on Earth
©the Guardian

It is a British Army secret facility. The facility was created about 100 years ago; for example, chemical weapons development and protection against them. In the 1950s, LSD test at the base. There is also a lot going on here, but even the country’s leadership does not know everything. There are too many trials of all kinds.

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