The Serpent Gods

Reptilian deities have always had a significant place in human culture. As a rule, mythology is always based on real events, and then the question arises: were mythological lizards, snakes, and dragons really present on the planet, or were they just used in legends as frightening symbols?

More than three thousand years ago, the ancient Sumerians depicted their gods as half-reptilian-half-man. At the excavations of ancient settlements, archaeologists found unusual clay figurines of such gods. Scientists were struck by their disproportion. The figures had overly broad shoulders, very narrow hips, and incredibly long pleated legs. But the most amazing part was the heads of these gods, which were the heads of lizards.

Every nation has its own legends, which necessarily include an intelligent reptile or flying lizard. For example, in Russian fairy tales is Gorynych Serpent, in Asian countries, it is sacred Dragons, in Burma, it is Natami, in Tibet it is Lou, in Laos it is Praya Nak, in India it is a huge multi-headed snake-eaters Nagas, allegedly living in the palaces of the underworld.

According to ancient Indian lore, there was a powerful Naga civilization at the dawn of humanity. The Nagas were so poisonous that even their breath or hypnotic gaze was already considered deadly. The divine serpents were capable of reviving the dead and changing their appearance into humans. Under the earth, the reptiloids created magnificent palaces of gold and jewels. Sacred serpent gods were able to appear and disappear unexpectedly, penetrating the strongholds.

Indian god of Naga - half human and half cobra-snake
Indian god of Naga – half human and half cobra-snake

In China, the sacred Dragons belong to the deities of the earth and are considered the guardians of the five spheres and all sides of the world. Chinese dragons, called Moons, are divided into the following types: Jiao refers to scaly, Ying refers to winged, Qiu – refers to horned, Chi – it is hornless. In the Chinese tradition of the Middle Ages, Lun was considered the progenitor of all living things, and from him came various living creatures – birds, beasts, armored and scaly ones.

Perhaps a drop of truth is embedded in all ancient tales, and indeed long ago there was some ancient race of Dragons. There is even such a scientific opinion that long before the human race, a race of serpentoids (reptiloids) dominated the earth.

It is worth wondering how and whence, in completely different cultures of peoples separated by thousands of miles and the thickness of the oceans, living on completely opposite continents of the planet, almost simultaneously appeared images of sacred reptiles (snakes, lizards, dragons). They can be seen in ancient Egyptian frescoes, on stone steles in Guatemala, in the oldest drawings of China, India, Japan, in Africa, and even in Northern Europe, and everywhere they are sacrificed.

So, seven thousand years ago, on the territory of Crimea lived the ancient people called Taurus, they worshipped a snake goddess Virgin, and she sacrificed captive sailors and beautiful girls. In the Crimean capitals, deep in the mountains, in a cave Yeni-Sala found an ancient altar with the remains of human sacrifices.

Whether this mighty race of Dragons is extinct or still exists, secretly ruling the world is unknown. Scientists do not reject this assumption, but do not confirm it either. So far, there are only unexplained facts. Thus, from the depths of the Crimean mountains is constantly coming strange technogenic noise. Researchers began to check the cause of the noise, but the true cause of the noise has not yet been established. There were different versions of the origin of these sounds: the rumble of the wind in the caves, and the underground waterfall.

The serpent gods
The serpent gods

Moreover, a whole network of interconnected underground tunnels was found in the Crimean mountains. Witnesses tell of encounters with underground residents in the mountains. People met strange creatures reminiscent of upright on two legs lizards meter tall with a crest on a reptiloid head with scaly skin.

According to esoterics, a huge amphibious monster still lives in the Black Sea. Many local fishermen have already encountered it and even called it Blecky because of the shimmering scales. Often on the shore of the sea are found the torn carcasses of dead dolphins with traces of giant teeth on the skin and bones. Periodically, the sea serpent throws the remains of its prey on the coast and scares fishermen in boats at sea.

Some biologists came up with the sensational hypothesis that two hundred and seventy million years ago, long before humanity appeared on the planet, there was a race of reptilian-like creatures with highly developed intelligence. A biologist has suggested that these creatures interfere with human development. As a result of the interference with genetic engineering, the human brain suddenly made a dramatic leap in development.

Various analogies can be drawn in support of the version of the emergence of the human race from the reptilian race. In the first trimester of its life, an embryo in its mother’s womb resembles a lizard. In the most ancient drawings, there are images of the birth of all life in the form of two intertwined snakes.

So modern scientists represent the DNA molecules of all life on earth in the form of snake-like intertwined chains. In addition, scientists have concluded that there are two hundred and twenty-one alien genes in the human genes. No other living creature on the planet has anything like this.

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