The solar system is changing and no one knows why

Our solar system seemed to be something static, immutable and eternal. This is not the case. Only in the last 10 years have very significant changes recorded in it. Modern scientists are seriously concerned about these circumstances and are trying to identify the reason for these global changes.

Astrophysicists have recorded an increase in the intensity of the Sun’s magnetic field. As a starting point, they took the beginning of observations made since 1901. It turned out that its magnetic field had grown by as much as 230 percent over the years!

Should be surprised that auroras, which not so long ago admired only the inhabitants of the Far North, now flame almost over the entire planet, including regions where they were previously seen only on television.

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It is worth noting that geomagnetic storms are not as harmless as is commonly believed. Science does not like to spread on this topic, and some twenty years ago about the geomagnetic storms and did not report. But the reality makes its corrections due to the fact that the death rate after such storms has considerably increased, especially the death rate of people with heart problems and hypertensives. Scientists justify that about 15 years ago, such serious consequences were not observed and it is all the fault of the changes on our planet, which caused the negative impact on human health.

Mercury is changing, which is very surprising to astronomers. Suddenly, polar ice caps and a powerful magnetic field appeared out of nowhere. By cosmic standards, these changes were literally instantaneous.

On Venus, in some 40 years, suddenly increased by 2500% the brightness of the aurora borealis. Scientists have recorded an active buildup of the Venusian atmosphere. And these atmospheric changes have a global character!

On Jupiter, just for 10 years, there was a sudden increase in the brightness of the plasma clouds surrounding this planet.

On Saturn for the past 30 years recorded a significant decrease in the velocity of equatorial fluxes. It is noted that the strengthening of X-rays comes from the equator of the planet.

On Uranus, where previously a very quiet atmosphere was recorded, there was suddenly a sharp increase in cloud activity, and again there was a sharp increase in brightness.

On Neptune, the brightness of the atmosphere increased by 40%.

On Pluto, an increase in atmospheric pressure of as much as 300% was noted.

Global climate changes have been recorded on Mars. It is shaken by strong storms and melting of polar ice. Scientists believe that Mars is in a period of global warming.

The Moon is building up an atmosphere! A sodium layer 6,000 km thick has formed around the Moon!

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Earth – no one denies the fact of global climate change. If you read our website, then you can judge by yourself how our planet is changing. Scientists offer various versions of the reasons, including such as the weakening of the magnetic field of our planet and the connection with the change of the poles.

Science is also puzzled by the dramatic increase in luminous plasma at the leading edge of our solar system, which has jumped by 1000%.

Science has no answer to this question yet or does not want to voice it. Different versions have been put forward. For example, the cause of all is the Sun, the change of which affects everything around. There are hypotheses about the impact of some unknown to science cosmic energies of unknown origin.

Especially interesting is the assumption that it is all the fault of a huge wandering planet, which as it approaches the Sun, and has all these abnormal effects on the surrounding space.

This has already happened in the cosmic history and, as scientists claim, may happen again. 4 billion years ago, a huge star approached the Sun, which had a mass 80% greater than the solar one. This wandering planet was from the Sun at a distance of 34 billion kilometers, but this was enough to cause trouble. The confrontation between the stars, ended in the death of many planets of the solar system, absorbed by the Sun and this unknown “traveler”.

And now move on to the version not recognized by science – Nibiru. The very name Nibiru is mentioned in the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian story of the creation of the world. The 12th planet, Nibiru, is mentioned in texts of the Sumerian civilization, and this celestial body had the symbol of a winged disc.

It is possible that it is returning. According to ancient legends, the mysterious planet appears once every 3,600 years between Mars and Jupiter, and it moves in an elongated orbit. When Nibiru comes as close to Earth as possible, its inhabitants, the Annunaki, descend to Earth to make contact with humans.

a period of active contact between Nibiru and the Earth
a period of active contact between Nibiru and the Earth

The conditions of life on this planet were similar to those on Earth, but there were some plants that gave amazing longevity. Here, the biblical story comes to mind, which says that the first people on Earth lived very long. For example, Adam lived 930 years, Seth (Adam’s son) 912 years, Noah 950 years, etc. But back to Nibiru. Approximately 420,000 years ago, there was a conflict on the elusive planet X because the atmosphere was beginning to break down. The only way to escape was to evaporate gold ions into the atmosphere (by the way, such technology was also used in modern shuttles).

And then the ruler named Allalu goes on his own journey into space to get the noble metal somewhere on another planet, and the Earth is the most suitable “donor”. Previously, the inhabitants of Nibiru tried to get to Earth, but could not overcome the “forged bracelet” – the asteroid belt. But Allal managed to break through it, using water as a destructive force (how exactly it happened is unknown).

Finally, the first representative of the Annunaki civilization reached Earth. After that, a period of active contact between Nibiru and the Earth began. Launching complexes were built in Baalbek, Jerusalem and Puma Punk.

The main cosmogonic event with the Sumerians was considered to be the Battle of Heaven, and on the eve of it, the solar system had 9 planets and one satellite, which died when Nibiru broke into the system. The Akkadians who replaced the Sumerians called the planet Marduk, and records show that it could hold the orbits of all the other planets and also described circles around them.

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Images of the cross (it was often mentioned that Nibiru was in the “crosshairs of the heavens”) and the winged disc can also be found in many other peoples of the world. For example, the ancient Egyptians worshipped the Heavenly Cow – Nut, in the images of which you can often see a winged disc with rays coming from it.

The fact that the representatives of the peoples who disappeared from the face of the Earth were excellent astronomers is beyond doubt, and therefore the numerous references to the planet – traveler is not just a fiction…

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