These are the 4 most common causes of divorce

Couples who divorce have long been no exception. But the reasons why they break up after a few years often remain a mystery. According to a new study, a lot has to do with the feeling that they are emotionally deficient.

Money or cheating are still common causes of divorce. But in recent years there have been more and more emotional or psychological reasons behind a break. This is according to a new study from the University of Copenhagen.

The scientists interviewed 2,371 people who had just had a divorce. Around 44% had chosen this themselves, with 16% it was a joint decision and with 40% it was the partner who took the step. The researchers were able to distinguish 4 reasons that were cited most often.

Causes of divorce

Lack of intimacy

The most common reason? Almost half (47%) split up because they no longer have feelings for each other.

Communication problems

Communication is often labeled as one of the most important building blocks of a good relationship. It is, therefore, no surprise that poor communication is cited by 44% as a reason to divorce.

These are the 4 most common causes of divorce

Lack of empathy, respect or trust

Respect, trust, and empathy are also important facets. If a partner feels that one of them is missing, that may mean the end of a marriage.

Couples grow apart

‘And they lived happily ever after.’ It is a sentence that invariably appears in fairy tales, but the reality is a bit different. For a good, long-term relationship you often have to work, and that often means sufficient quality time with each other. Don’t you do that? Then there is a good chance that you will grow apart.

“These four causes are of a romantic and emotional nature,” the scientists say. “This shows that the meaning of marriage has changed. People attach much more importance to love, intimacy, communication, respect, and trust.”

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