These are the 5 biggest traps in choosing a wedding location

Joepie! You have decided to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life. That means buying a dress, tasting a cake and finding a place to keep the party going. And just looking for that location can sometimes be the hardest part of the whole process. These are the five biggest traps you have to pay attention to.

Do pay attention to the rules
People often decide too quickly about a location without first asking for the rules. Result: you are sitting in a room where you cannot do anything with it. Would you like to provide your own food? Did you want to hang flowers? Do they see that you are making an entrance with confetti à la Pinterest? Ask first what their do’s and especially don’ts, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Falling in love with a place that is too small
Make sure you always have a good view of the number of guests that will come to your party. After all, it can become a big problem if you do not have one. In all your enthusiasm you can say yes to a much too small or too large location. As a result, some of your guests can not enter, or it seems like nobody showed up.

Be unrealistic about the weather
Okay, in your dreams you can see a beautiful wedding in a garden or even on the beach in front of you. Even a rain shower cannot ruin your ideal image, right? But just think about it, would not you mind if you get wet on your wedding day?

Do not think about transport
Would you like to say yes on a deserted beach or in another remote location? Do it for sure. But think about what’s involved. Some things that are very obvious to you are not for someone else. For example, a location that requires a walk is not practical for older people or people with small children. Ask questions about the transport around the location. Is there enough space to park? Your guests will not like it if they all have to go home with a ticket.

Letting others make choices in your place
Also, an important one. Suppose your parents are very religious, but you are not actually. We no longer live in 1950. You can do what you want and do not necessarily have to marry the church member if you do not want to. Be polite about your choice and explain to them that it is also your choice.

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