What changes in relationships after the wedding

If you are already married, you could not help but notice that everything is not the same as before. It is believed that a husband and wife become similar to each other after several years of marriage. If you believe psychologists, then only people who are happily married can “mirror” each other.

Of course, when a man and a woman live under the same roof for several years, they start watching the same movies, the same TV shows, ordering pizza together, and resenting the neighbor who turns on the drill on Sunday morning. And such trifles as buying dish detergent or toilet paper are no longer discussed, and both partners immediately buy the necessary brand.

But how exactly does marriage affect relationships? What exactly is changing? Let’s figure it out!

How the relationship between newlyweds is changing a year after the wedding

This is what almost all couples notice!

The wife is no longer as open as before, and the husband is not as friendly

When young people are just starting a relationship, they want to communicate as much as possible, getting to know each other. And sometimes, it seems to them that they have met a kindred spirit. And just the first year of life together becomes a serious test for lovers, since passion is replaced by the need to solve everyday issues and make plans for the future.

Now the newlyweds observe each other every day and see how the partner behaves in everyday life and what he does to achieve his goals!

Spouses are no longer so nice and kind

Whatever one may say, but marriage still makes us tougher. At first, the newlyweds have a hard time building their lives in a new way and adapting to their partner, which is not easy. And it takes time for both to become comfortable next to each other.

In the first year of life, both husband and wife may become more irritable and unhappy. But psychologists assure that couples who will be able to survive this difficult period adequately will calm down and begin, finally, to enjoy family life. Patience, only patience!

The wife becomes calmer, and the husband begins to treat everything in good faith

Now let’s move on to the good! It turns out that in the first year of life together, women who were prone to anxiety and negative thoughts begin to calm down. Yes, marriage can not only shatter but also calm your nerves.

As for men, they become more conscientious because they now feel that they are responsible for the family.

Interestingly, in marriage, partners can learn from each other’s good qualities and character traits. Family life changes people, and, of course, marriage affects the personality of each of us in both positive and negative ways. But if both partners set themselves the goal of becoming better next to each other and together begin to make efforts to this, they will most likely have a long and happy life!

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