These changes on WhatsApp with the new privacy rules

WhatsApp’s new usage policy, which plans to share more information about its users with Facebook, has become a bone of contention between messaging and its users. However, the company assures that private communications will remain protected but that communication with advertisers will be facilitated.

While WhatsApp, which introduces new privacy terms, has promised that no user who decides not to accept them will have their account deleted, it has clarified that messaging functionality will be limited in this case, however. What to expect among the novelties offered by WhatsApp and these controversial renewals?

First of all, the messaging system specifies that communication with companies will be facilitated. She explains in her press release that it is now possible to “send messages to companies to ask questions, place orders and obtain information”. WhatsApp emphasizes that only the user will decide whether they want to communicate with the company or not.

“Whether or not you want to chat with a business on WhatsApp is up to you. You can also block or delete it from your contact list,” says the messaging blog.

In addition, WhatsApp insists on personalized content, pointing out that collecting more targeted data will allow advertisers to offer ads for their products or services personalized to your interests and research. This, moreover, will allow you to sell directly on the platform.

Then, the messaging details that with this renewal, it provides “more clarity on the practices in terms of collection, sharing and use of data”.

Finally, thanks to a WhatsApp button that will be added on Facebook and Instagram, users will be able to directly contact companies whose ads have caught their attention while facilitating communication between the seller and the user.

Confidentiality of personal data

“Acceptance of the new Terms of Service does not extend WhatsApp’s ability to share user data with its parent company, Facebook,” insists the messenger.

The issue of personal data security has become a stumbling block for discussions between the company and its users who have left email in droves for other applications, including Signal or Telegram.

The update has caused a lot of concern among users as it provides for wider sharing of their personal data with WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook.

WhatsApp reminds us that neither he nor Facebook has access to messages and private calls between friends or family members.

“We do not keep a history of the recipients of messages or calls. In addition, WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook. […] WhatsApp will never share your number with a company, and our policies prohibit companies from contacting you on WhatsApp without your prior consent,” the company said.

For those who still do not accept the new conditions of use, first, they will be able to receive calls and notifications, but it will be impossible for them to “read or [send] messages from the application”. However, after a few weeks, even the calls will no longer be accessible.

Controversial changes

Scheduled for February 8, the application of the new privacy policy has been postponed to May 15 so that users have “enough time to review the changes”, says WhatsApp,

After the announcement by the messaging system of these policy changes, an exodus of users occurred, which has also made the happiness of other services, such as Telegram, which saw its number of new subscribers break records.

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