These good habits that annoy other people

Bad habits include alcoholism, constant lateness, a tendency to argue, and the like. People with deviant habits usually annoy most members of society. Another thing is good habits because everywhere they say that they are only useful and receive the approval of the whole society.

But what if we tell you that good habits annoy many people no less than bad ones? Don’t you believe it? Here are a few such habits for which you will be considered a snob, hipster, or anyone else in a negative context.

Don’t drink or smoke

Most of all, your craving for a healthy lifestyle irritates conservative members of society who are used to these addictions and do not see anything wrong with them. Your good habit, which any doctor will approve, can irritate these people who will consider you arrogant, a snob, and maybe even a representative of non-traditional orientation. Someone who is a little more intellectually developed can refer to the classics, who said that if a person does not drink, does not smoke, and does not swear, then he is a scumbag or something like that. That is, the absence of these bad habits is immediately recorded in oddities like a violation of the normal course of the established order.

Do you care about the quality of sleep?

Many people treat sleep not even as a secondary, but as some kind of third-rate necessity, sacrificing it at any moment. But there are also those who understand the value of sleep, that it is impossible to live normally without quality rest. It is they who, with their daily routine, anger many others by not staying with everyone to have another beer when it is “only” midnight, do not sacrifice their rest to do something that others demand of them, and so on.

Showing kindness

It would seem that what habit can be more approving in society than showing kindness to others? But in fact, this infuriates a considerable number of people because by doing good deeds towards some, you can anger others, those who do not feel warm feelings for them.

In addition, it is annoying because you are considered a weakling or even a fool since you do good to those who will not be able to repay you in the same coin. And since there is no obvious benefit from such actions, perhaps you are guided by some more hidden selfish goals. We understand that the logic is broken, but that’s how it works.

Trying to be polite

Agree that the phrases “kindly pass the fare” and “pass it to the conductor” are the same in meaning but very different. However, if a rude person gets disapproval but they quickly forget about it, then politeness, for some ridiculous reason, can be perceived negatively in the long run. Most often, a negative perception of politeness appears in cases when you show politeness to a person who occupies a higher position in society, for example, to the authorities. This may be considered weakness and sycophancy.

You know the value of money and how to form a budget

Financial literacy is not about most of the world’s population. People tend to spend all their savings on something stupid and not particularly necessary for them at the behest of advertising, and then lament that they have nothing to buy food with. Suppose you are not like that and you know the value of money, saving money in some moments and keeping your desires in favor of long-term benefits. In that case, you can get on the list of greedy people, snobs who sacrifice entertainment for something not particularly interesting.

Don’t you want to discount an expensive gift to a colleague you see a couple of times a year? Obviously, you’re a cheapskate. And it doesn’t matter that this money has already been put into your budget for more important things.

You only talk about business

We do not mean some downtrodden silent person, but a person who knows the value of words and does not talk endlessly on any topic, handing out promises right and left. If you enjoy the company of yourself and do not push anyone’s ears, preferring silence, then it would seem that you are the ideal person for everyone who will not bother with useless questions and endless “interesting” stories. But no, this will annoy many people, especially extroverts, whose mouth closes only during sleep. You may be considered a downtrodden person who is afraid to say something once again. Or, worse, they may be considered arrogant, those who consider others unworthy of his voice.

Rarely use the phone

Nowadays, without exaggeration, many people are addicted to social networks and do not let their phones out of their hands. Wherever they go, their eyes will be fixed on the screens. If you’re not one of those zombies, and you pick up the phone only to answer messages to everyone at once and put it aside, this is really a good trait for most. But some people, those most addicted, it literally pisses them off because they are used to living at a rapid pace and to the fact that their messages are answered immediately.

Your unwillingness to become a zombie can be interpreted as a lack of politeness because you need to respond to the message at the same second as you received it. You may also be considered retrograde, arrogant, or recorded in some hipsters as if you specifically refuse the phone to show that you are not like everyone else.

Soberly assess yourself

At first glance, a realistic assessment of yourself is the best choice. But for some people, this is worse than low or inflated self-esteem. It’s about the swings that arise with a sober assessment. Today you rate yourself highly, and for this, in the eyes of other people, you look like a narcissist. Tomorrow, having failed some business, you consider yourself a fool, and for this, you sign up as a nonentity. Most people do not like changing landmarks, and it is easier for them to live side by side with people who either always positively or negatively assess their personalities.

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