7 bad dating habits you should stop immediately

When you start dating, you want to make a good impression. After all, you prefer to go for that second and perhaps the third date, hoping that it will eventually lead to a relationship. A woman may not want any other dates after a first date.

Bad dating habits that you should stop immediately

You may have gone out of your way to make a good impression. Still, she doesn’t want to go through with you. It can then, of course, be a matter of ‘no feeling.’ If there is no feeling, it will become nothing. However, it could also be you. Maybe you have certain bad dating habits that you don’t like. Check them out below:

Start a fight

Starting an argument to find out how much she cares about you. Women often do this, but men also have a hand in it. Arguing is never fun, so why start one on purpose? If you’re in doubt about a woman’s feelings, it’s better to start the conversation.

Stalking on social media

A real no-go is turning someone’s entire social media life upside down. The temptation is great, but you better leave it alone. Of course, you don’t want to be aware of a woman’s life before she can tell you about it herself. You want to get to know someone face to face. In addition, it also raises many question marks because you will draw your conclusions. They are often not even the truth.

Start having s*x too soon

Of course, it is an important part of a good relationship, but going to bed right after the first date is not recommended. If you give this signal, it could backfire. Women are just different. Take plenty of time to get to know each other well.

Not being yourself

You may not think you are good enough. As a result, you may soon behave differently. Yet you almost always see through it because it does not look natural. Just be yourself, because that’s how you make the best impression. If a woman doesn’t like you the way you are, she doesn’t deserve you.

Being too picky

Of course, you have the perfect picture in your head. Yet you will never find it because perfect does not exist. The expectations of perfection alone can ruin it. A woman may feel that she will never be good enough. So just let go of your must-have list.

Don’t make your relationship a competition

Comparing with others destroys more than you like. Every relationship has its course, and none are the same. Some people are ready for the next step faster than others. It, therefore, makes no sense to make it a competition against, for example, a relationship of one of your friends. This may cause you to rush unnecessarily.

Don’t dwell too much on the past

You may have experienced unpleasant things with exes. For example, consider cheating. But just because your ex did this doesn’t mean your current date does too. Of course, the situation is uncertain, but try not to point your finger.

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