These were the six most remarkable buildings of 2018

Every year, many buildings are added that are so striking that you can not possibly look next to them. We made a selection of the most remarkable of 2018.

Skyscraper with waterfall

Liebian International Building is a skyscraper in Southwest of China, with the largest artificial waterfall in the world that is integrated into a building. The water thunders from a height of 108 meters down and that is an impressive spectacle.

©South China Morning Post

Museum moors

The very first design museum in Scotland opened its doors in Dundee. The building evokes the image of a sea tanker mooring in the port. “You can see it as an ark full of design, but I also took inspiration from the typical Scottish cliffs,” says Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

©V & A Scotland

Staying with Barbie

At the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, you get the impression that you are at a guest party at Barbie. What else should you think of all that flashy pink? Ilmiodesign also clearly incorporated elements from the art deco and the Memphis Style.


A stadium for Vikings

The Super Bowl finals were topped off at the brand-new US Bank Stadium. It is the home of the Minnesota Vikings and has 66,200 seats. HSK Architects were influenced by the ice floes of the nearby St Anthony’s Falls and the boats of the Vikings.

©HSK Architects

Living in a cylinder

The Rode House by Studio Pezo Von Ellrichshausen is the result of pure geometry. The house in Chile is a combination of a half cylinder and an inverted cone. Wood produced locally is used for both the roof and the facade and the interior finish.

©Studio Pezo von Ellricshausen

Church sees the light

The architects of Spheron Architects must undoubtedly have seen the light when they signed the plans for the Belarusian Memorial Chapel in London. It is the first wooden church since the Great Fire in 1666 and a tribute to the victims of the nuclear disaster in 1986 in Chernobyl.

©Joakim Bora

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