Things as a man you can not resist

Femininity, dynamism, self-confidence, mystery are some elements that all women have and make them irresistible. So let’s look at some things below that no man can resist.

A strict hairstyle

A strict hairstyle will make you look businesswoman and sexy at the same time while highlighting your neck and ears.

An unusual look

If a man sees a woman who stands out, he will automatically feel the need to meet her. Creative people, after all, are known to be more attractive.

When a woman wears a men’s shirt

Wearing his shirt is like telling him that you want his scent close to your body. So does he.


When a woman is confident in herself, there is no way she will not catch everyone’s eye. However, make sure that self-knowledge does not become overconfident, as it will not look beautiful.


Elegance does not highlight femininity, but neither does it hide it: it is right in the middle and brings the perfect balance.

The freckles

Freckles look very feminine and give a feeling of innocence. Unfortunately, many women try to hide them because they consider their minus.

Myopia glasses

The glasses give the feeling of seriousness and do not approach easily, making men want even more to come to you.

True laughter and smiles

Women are afraid that a huge smile or a loud laugh will spoil their image, but in reality, men like women who express their feelings openly and freely.

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