Women who approach men first find the love of their lives

In most cases, we are used to men being the ones who should take the initiative and approach a woman, propose and ask for marriage. However, according to a study conducted by popular dating site OkCupid, it’s time for women to step out of their comfort zone and take matters into their own hands.

One reason for this, as the study suggests, is that women do not have to waste time waiting for the perfect gentleman and someone who meets all the requirements.

By the standards of dating sites, men send far more messages than women, and that’s a fact. This strategy has the same principle as fishing, the bigger the net you throw, the better your chances of catching something or someone.

But quantity does not mean quality, and women can spend days if not months on dating sites waiting for their prince to come forward. Because of this, it’s time to stop sitting and waiting, take matters into your own hands.

Women who first approach men immediately arouse their interest

Interestingly, no matter how many messages women receive, their response rate is generally the same. However, the opposite is exact with men. The more messages they receive, the more they send, and the ladies should use that information to their advantage.

Women who approach men first find the love of their lives

The study says that women are 2.5 times more likely to talk to a guy if they make the first move.

Women who approach first

Women who approach first have a chance to find the best partner. By taking the initiative, ladies can make sure they are talking to good men, someone who fully responds to them.

Women are more likely to find love if they come first

For most people in the world, Dating sites are ideal for starting a relationship and finding your soul mate, and if a woman takes the first step, the probability that she will find the right person is even higher.

The online platform for searching for soul mates “League” also conducted its own research. They found that in most cases when it comes to a happy and successful relationship, the woman started messaging.

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