Things to consider before changing careers after 30

After 30-35 years, some employees are faced with the desire to change their careers radically. This feeling can arise for several reasons: for example, if a person begins to gravitate towards the activity that he has always dreamed of or notices how the manager pushes him to quit, intending to put a younger employee in the vacant place. Changing careers in adulthood is a serious and daunting step at the same time. Therefore, before deciding on it, carefully weigh all the pros and cons of this act.

Make sure you’re not just driven by passion

Many people believe that to build a successful career; a person must be involved in their work. This is only partly true: “Of course, passion plays a big role, but talent and hard work are just as important. Therefore, before plunging headlong into a profession that excites you, try to assess your skills impartially. For example, I love to sing, but you will immediately understand that I have no place on stage if you ever hear me perform songs. “

Also, the top manager advises you to consider the effort you will spend on mastering new skills. If at 20 a person is full of energy, then after 30, he is no longer always ready to take radical actions. In addition, most employees by this age have families and various commitments that take a lot of time. Therefore, before changing careers, consider whether you are ready to pay less attention to your wife/husband and children while immersing yourself in a new job.

Assess your financial situation

Often a career change entails a reduction in income and loss of benefits, which can seriously hit a mature employee: “First of all, you will lose your health insurance, which means that you will have to take care of your health for some time.

Secondly, the cut or complete absence of wages can affect the family’s well-being if, for example, you need to repay a loan or pay for the education of children. “For this reason, it is recommended assessing your financial capabilities before dismissal; otherwise, the pursuit of a dream may turn into bankruptcy.

To prevent this from happening, you need to have a sufficient supply of funds that will make it possible to survive the transitional stage.

Develop a plan of action in case of failure

Building a new career takes time, but no one can tell how many months or years it will take you to achieve your goal. Even if you draw up a business plan for starting your own business or secure employer guarantees, everything can collapse at any moment.

“What will you do in such a situation? Can you sell your business? Will you be able to return to your previous job?” Before changing the profession, it is necessary to think over an action plan to help out in an emergency. By developing it, you will achieve greater certainty about your future and thereby reduce psychological stress.

Decide on motivation

Before changing careers, you need to think about what exactly pushes you to this act: “Perhaps you stayed on a job that has not pleased you for a long time. In this case, the dismissal can be regarded as a sober step on the path to new employment, where you will feel much better, both emotionally and materially. And even if you lose money, positive emotions will be your compensation. “

Another category of employees leaves in search of better working conditions, but they may be disappointed. “If you are tired of corporate politics after 5-10 years of staying in the office, then remember that in another company, you may face the same or even more stringent requirements. If you intend to start your own business, then all the more, be prepared for new challenges, which you may not even know about”.

Every organization has its flaws but getting fired should not feel like a jailbreak but a deliberate step towards a better destiny.

Mature age is the most suitable period for a career change: “At 30-35 you are full of energy, intellectually and emotionally developed, and the acquired knowledge and skills increase your value in the labor market”. At the same time, this significant act must be balanced: this will make it easier to survive the transition period and quickly find a new favorite job.

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